OPRINT3 for dental technicians and dentist’s offices "for experimental use"

The 3D printer OPRINT3 prints in some minutes,

-several pieces at once, your stl-files in high temperature polymer material (PEEK-filament), bioinerte, biocompatible and sterilizable.

Constructed for printing PEEK, isoelastic to bone, with excellent behaviour in prosthodontics.

We offer a customized solution in PEEK also for head and neck surgeons to replace metals

You may benefit from our PEEK-PERSO-staff’s know-how and years of experience.

Advantages of the 3D printing process for PEEK Vs other manufacturing processes:

3D printing uses an addition method, as opposed to the other manufacturing methods such as injection moulding or CNC milling.
Our process builts up the object layer by layer, while in the subtractive manufacturing method the object is machined out of a block, resulting in waste materials.


The user-friendly one-click method makes an intensive study of the machine (3D printer) unnecessary, in contrast to other manufacturing processes.You benefit from our expertise, take our settings directly and print your STL-files !

Material saving

Subtractive manufacturing processes produce much waste. Additive manufacturing processes such as 3D printing produce no waste of material due to production. It is therefore a cost-efficient manufacturing process with a very small stock. Our procedure is unique in the world and patented!

Purchase cost


Considering the low waste costs, the shorter worktime, less use of instruments, with surfaces easy to condition for best bonding with our plasma source OPLASMA the OPRINT3 procedure is hyper effective.

Short preparation time

After a short set-up time the machine is ready to produce parts.

Low maintenance costs

SisoMM 3D printer is low maintenance, quick to repair, if ever necessary, and easy to clean; solution for problems guaranteed in 48H, eventually exchange of machine, (+ the time for carrier to abroad); gratis in 12 months guarantee.


Completely closed chamber, built with parts made from non-reactive metals, which guarantee a well defined temperature profile during the entire printing process.

The hot end and nozzle have been specially developed for PEEK printing, allowing temperature up to 420° C.

Special heat-bed for optimum adhesion of the PEEK material.

Special software for PEEK: One-Click-Procedure PEEK printing.

Print volume: 155mm x 155mm x 155mm

PDF download folder

Filament adapted to be used as medical device

filament In the 3D Printing fused deposition modeling technology, materials are used in filament form with typical diameters of 1.75mm.
Our filament is fed into an extruder device heated at the discharge region to temperatures sufficient to melt the filament material. In the melted form the material is then discharged by the nozzle on to a free surface in a layer by layer fashion until a 3–dimensional structure is built, eventually at some different locations to do several print jobs at once.
In order to let you profit from our technology, we offer sterile or clean polymers as filament which make possible the application of 3D FFF printing across different needs in the prosthodontics.

Printed PEEK-devices can be overprinted by further materials
- we deliver the necessary filaments on your demand.